Młode Miasto
at last

New space for living

Reside, work, and live around the beating heart of Gdańsk – in the modern city space of DOKI, packed with tons of youth energy.


Multifunctional district

The DOKI investment, thanks to its significant scale and multifunctionality, will stand as a small district of a diverse structure with the residential and commercial function (on ground floors) in DOKI Living, office space in DOKI Office, and the hotel-gastronomic one in Montownia Lofts & Experience.

offices apartments food hall, lofts & experience European Solidarity Centre BHP Hall The Museum of Second World War Solidarity Square Historical Gate No. 1


Former shipyard area

DOKI offers a unique placing in the Tricity; its location close to the Downtown and Old Town provides access to optimal in-city transportation, and to the historical sites alike.

The investment is situated just next to the historical Gdańsk Shipyard Gate no.2, and the Occupational Safety and Health Hall (Sala BHP). DOKI directly adjoins the European Solidarity Centre, and the Solidarity Square. It is just a several minute walk away from the Main Railway Station, main tram stops, and the monumental symbols of Gdańsk – Długi Targ, Neptune’s fountain, St. Mary’s Basilica, or the Crane (Żuraw).


Industrial space

DOKI serves as a perfect place for everybody that appreciates a unique character of the former shipyard area, and the postfactory structures.


New space for living

The area of the former Gdańsk Shipyard is awakening from a sound sleep. The post-industrial buildings and crane frameworks will account for the background for the living space bubbling with the new energy.


Michał Szlaga

Since 1999 has been carrying out a photographic project documenting the shipyard’s history.


Memorable times

The area of DOKI boasts an extraordinary history dating back to the XIV century – since the establishment of the Młode Miasto district and city fortifications, through giving the area an industrial look, capping it all off by becoming a symbol of the won-back freedom.