New space for living

Following both the needs of the city, and the global trends alike, a dozen or so years ago a new idea was born in Gdańsk to rejuvenate the historic areas of the Gdańsk Shipyard, with the intention to hand it back over to the residents of Gdańsk.

Euro Styl and Torus will breathe a sigh of modernity into these areas, respecting the past of this place, co-designing and creating a brand new city space – DOKI.

Living freedom

New place, new experiences, new life roles. Unwavering curiosity to explore the world and cherish love with the Tricity. Lead a family life in the city style at the heart of industrial Gdańsk.

In balance

Draw inspiration from the industrial heritage of Gdańsk. In daytime realize your professional plans in a modern office space of Doki Office, and in the evening broaden your mind in shopping malls, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Free thought zone

DOKI is a marriage between artistic freedom and an area designed for professional advancement. Introduce the boldest business ideas in the modern space of DOKI. This is where the ideas are born.

This is where the city starts

Stop right here, and continue your journey from this very spot. Discover the city from its most intriguing side. Travel along the Motława river to explore the historic quarter of Gdańsk.

Free choice

Taste, observe, and listen carefully to the sounds of the Młode Miasto. Feed your senses during your trip to DOKI, open yourself up to new experiences in the restored MONTOWNIA.