The area of the former shipyard

DOKI is situated on the area once occupied by the Gdańsk Shipyard. This is where the Młode Miasto and Old Town districts originate from. The investment site is located between Wałowa street, on the southern side, and Księdza Jerzego Popiełuszki street, on the northern side, respectively.


Right next door one will find a historic Gdańsk Shipyard Gate no. 2, the restored Occupational Safety and Health Hall (Sala BHP), and the Building of Gdańsk Shipyard Management.

Those willing to explore city industrial and freedom heritage should pay a visit to the European Solidarity Museum, and to the historic Occupational Safety and Health Hall (Sala BHP). Besides the exploration of the historic sites, one should also spare some time for a walk along the quay of the Dead Vistula (Martwa Wisła), or climb Crane M3, which overlooks a sizeable part of Gdańsk.

The vantage point is located at the extension of the DOKI avenue and Droga do Wolności street, which will soon connect DOKI with important walking destinations.

Meeting point

The shipyard plays host to many attractions which come alive at night-time.

There are iconic sites – Elektryków street and 100cznia – just a several minute walk away from DOKI, the places that have become the meeting centre for Tricity dwellers, especially at night-time. The places host a variety of events – artistic, musical, recreational and lifestyle – in which DOKI residents and employees will be able to participate each day – from afternoon deep into the night hours.

Gdańsk downtown

Even though Gdańsk is over 1000 years old and is famous for its beautiful sights, the city delights with modernity. It pulsates with life all year long thanks to its unique location, being situated right by the sea, and to its numerous tourist attractions.

You cannot get bored in Gdańsk. The seekers of historical curiosities will find walking trails among picturesque tenement houses, and buildings several centuries of age. The enthusiasts of cultural entertainment will surely be drawn to modern museums such as the Museum of the Second World War, or the European Solidarity Centre, and the unique Shakespeare Theatre – the second facility – alongside London – of that nature in the world. Kayak water trails on the Motława river and various attractive areas along the river encourage city dwellers and office workers to take an active rest by the water.


Gdańsk, together with Sopot and Gdynia, make up the Tricity, which constitutes a remarkably attractive offer for residents, tourists and people willing to develop their business.

A unique location of the cities makes it possible to take a good rest in here, and also spend time in an active manner. The Tricity has access to countless beaches, sea walking trails, and bike lanes, which stretch in kilometres.

One can also find the Tricity Landscape Park (Park Krajobrazowy) in the vicinity, and the cradle of Kaszuby, full of forest landscapes and picturesque lakes.